Protecting Your Pet in Case of Your Death or Incapacity

While we have many people in our busy lives, our pets have only us. Everyone needs an estate plan, and no pet owner’s plan is complete without ensuring that his or her beloved pet is provided for. Have you thought about what would happen to your pet if you are deceased or incapacitated? Read More

Season Tickets and Your Estate Plan

There is probably nothing a serious sports fan would cherish or pay more for than season tickets for their favorite team. If you are one of the favored few that are long-standing season ticket holders, or are considering purchasing season tickets, you may want to consider options today that can affect how they are handled in the case of your death. Read More

Will Your Estate Be Required to Pay Your Student Loans?

With the cost of higher education increasing well beyond the rate of inflation every year, it is no surprise that most adults have student loan debt. Whether it is your own debt, or debt that you incurred when you co-signed a student loan for your child, it is estimated that at least one in three adults over age forty are paying on student loans. Read More

Who Will Take Care of Your Pet After Your Death?

For many, pets are part of the family – but have you considered what would happen to your pet if you die or become incapacitated? Because pets don’t receive the same protections under the law as do other dependents, it is up to pet owners to ensure that there is a legally effective plan in place. Read More