Real Estate

When you purchase, sell, or lease real estate, there are many contractual terms which may impact whether you pay more or pay less, and whether you have security in knowing that all the “what-ifs” are covered. At Mammel Law, we are dedicated to negotiating and preparing residential and commercial real estate contracts that provide clients with less costs and more certainty that you are ready for issues that may arise.

Residential Transactions

Real estate sales begin with purchase agreements. At Mammel Law, we work with both buyers and sellers, to negotiate the terms of this critical agreement, which controls the remainder of the real estate transaction. These purchase agreements control who is responsible for paying for various costs. Therefore, knowing which terms you can negotiate and how to negotiate them can make a difference as to whether you save more in the transaction. Our attorneys are experienced in handling these transactions, identifying those terms, and negotiating for you.

Mammel Law assists clients in residential real estate transactions throughout the course of the real estate transaction including:

  • Purchase Agreement review and explanation
  • Purchase Agreement drafting or modification
  • Negotiation
  • Review private inspection report
  • Review title report
  • Review engineering survey
  • Review good faith estimate (GFE) from lender
  • Review settlement statement from title company and comparison to GFE
  • Review closing packages for conformity with terms of Purchase Agreement
  • Appearance and representation at closing
  • Draft Deeds

Commercial Transactions

Mammel Law aims to protect your commercial investments and leverage your assets to grow your business. We handle a number of commercial real estate related issues such as:

  • Property acquisition and sales
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts
  • Drafting and reviewing licenses, easements and other necessary documents
  • Commercial landlord-tenant leases
  • Negotiations over terms of purchase, sale, or leases

If you are a commercial property owner or are considering purchasing, selling, or leasing income-producing properties, call Mammel Law to discuss your business venture. We put your best interest first in reviewing and negotiating terms of your real estate deal, to bring you success and peace of mind.