Photos of Deceased Loved Ones: Sharing May Not be Caring

Wanting to pass photos of loved ones to family members after their death is understandable. Whether in tangible or electronic form, looking back on photos is a way to remember our loved ones and the happy times we shared with them. However, our loved ones may not have envisioned their photos posted on the internet, uploaded to social media sites and shared with people they never met. Read More

Preserving Genealogy for Future Generations

Researching genealogy is a popular pastime for many. Given the subject matter, you would think that a priority for those researching the history of their families would be to preserve and pass on that information for future generations. Unfortunately, it is often not that simple. Read More

Preserving Digital Memories and Assets for Your Loved Ones

What would happen to photos or videos stored on your hard drive, or uploaded to a photo sharing site when you pass away? What about your email and social media accounts, or the data on your smart phone? Or your iTunes library and eBook purchases, or your online banking and shopping accounts? Read More

The Default Estate Plan for Your Online Accounts

Whether you have an estate plan or not, you are most likely familiar with the idea of creating a list to state to whom you would like certain belongings to go to in the event of your death. These lists are important because they ensure that your wishes are made known and carried out. Read More

Protecting Decedents from Identity Theft

The loss of a loved one brings an overwhelming time of grief and stress. In addition to taking the time to grieve, family members have much to do in the days and weeks following the death of a loved one in order to wrap up the deceased’s affairs. Read More

A Checklist for Your Technological Estate Plan

As our lives become increasingly entwined with technology, it is important to account for digital assets within your estate plan. Failure to account for these types of assets can result in your wishes not being carried out, your assets hanging in cyberspace indefinitely, and even your digital assets ending up in probate court. Read More