Business Planning

Whether you are looking to capitalize on opportunities or business growth and transactions, Mammel Law can guide you through establishing the right business entity and executing important deals with confidence.

Business Start-Ups

Choosing the right business structure is vital to ensuring you have an efficient organization and successful venture. At Mammel Law, we have worked with clients to establish and run C Corporations, S Corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), Partnerships, and Limited Partnerships. When we sit down to form your business entity, we discuss your goals and vision. With those in mind, we advise you regarding important aspects of business management, tax planning, and limiting liability so that your personal assets are protected from any potential business claims.

Based on the outline we create for your business success, we put a plan into action by preparing filings with the state to establish your corporation or LLC as well as documents such as bylaws or operating agreements to allow you to control how you govern your business affairs within the parameters allowed by state law.

If you elect to establish an LLC, we will prepare an operating agreement, which identifies the purpose and authority of the entity, the member(s) or manager(s) and his/her rights and responsibilities, how the LLC will be capitalized, how distributions are made, how disputes can be resolved, and how the business can be wound up. Corporate bylaws address many similar matters, but also delineate the rights and responsibilities of the shareholders, directors and officers

Business Transactions

Contracts and agreements are the core basis on which businesses operate. Contracts provide structure to business deals so that all parties are “on the same page” with clearly defined rights and obligations. Well written contracts drafted by Mammel Law can also resolve issues which arise by providing guidelines designed to help the parties avoid unnecessary delays and expenses while allowing the business transaction to move forward.

These contracts can involve matters directly between the company and employees, including:

  • Employment contracts with key employees
  • Non-competition agreements
  • Trade secret documents

The employment contracts delineate rights and duties of the employee, job description and performance as well as compensation and benefits and terms concerning termination of the employment. As part of these contracts or as a separate agreement, individuals and businesses hire Mammel Law to protect their interests with non-competition agreements and trade secret documents.

Other contracts include rights among the owners of the business, including:

  • Voting agreements
  • Buy-sell agreements

Voting agreements can provide minority shareholders with more clout within the corporation. The buy-sell agreements ensure the continuity of the business among the established shareholders, while ensuring a market for the shareholder who concludes his/her involvement and seeks compensation for his/her investment.

Other contracts include those outside of the company with which our clients work including:

  • Commercial leases
  • Construction contracts
  • Real Estate Contracts
  • Licensing agreements
  • Sales contracts
  • Distribution contracts

Whether you are just beginning your business venture, taking on new opportunities within your business or winding up your company, Mammel Law has the experience and the knowledge to guide you through your business matters.