Estate Planning

Whether forming an estate plan, administering an estate, or navigating probate court, Mammel Law provides knowledge and experience that will help you achieve your goals, taking into account finances, taxes, and family dynamics.

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Mammel Law can help you to select the best entity for your business and confidently execute important business transactions including buy-sell agreements, voting agreements, employment contracts, non-competition agreements, and trade secret documents.

Real Estate

Whether purchasing, selling, or leasing, Mammel Law is dedicated to negotiating and drafting residential and commercial real estate contracts to effectively handle your most important transactions.

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Planning For Yourself: Personal Care and More

When considering estate planning or planning for care, both individuals and couples are well-served to consider their own long term care needs and the associated expenses. While everyone’s situation and planning needs are unique, there are some common concerns that tend to arise for individuals or couples who do not have children.  For example, you might wonder who will care for you, or to whom you should you leave your estate. If you have these concerns, you should know that your estate planning attorney can help. Be sure to contact your estate planning attorney to ensure that your worries and wishes are addressed if you relate to one or more of the following circumstances:

Who Will Care for You?

Who will care for you if you are unable to care for yourself? While parents can often count on their adult children to fill this role, you might consider relying on nieces, nephews, close friends or their children, or paid caregivers. This is an important point to contemplate, and one that requires special consideration in planning. You may wish to investigate potential caregivers in advance so that, when the time comes, your wishes with respect to paid caregivers are followed. To this end, executing a revocable living trust can offer protections and ensure that your wishes regarding caregivers are followed. You might also consider drafting a letter of intent or other memorandum to your trustee, outlining your wishes for long term care.

You Might Have a Larger Savings

Children are expensive, and can present costs associated with raising them through age eighteen to financing things like college and weddings. Someone without children might have a greater opportunity to accumulate wealth and maximize retirement savings, all else being equal. If you have larger savings, you might consider taking advantage [...]